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Are you tired of wasting thousands of dollars on direct mail every month with poor results? We’re investors, too, and understand the frustration of not receiving a ROI on your marketing dollars.


What We Do

We skip trace your entire direct mail list and provide you with accurate phone numbers so you can text and cold call your list, all at an affordable price. Once you see how quick and easy it is to get in touch with sellers, you won’t ever want to go back to direct mail.

How it Works


1. You Give us Your List

If you don’t have a list of leads yet, we can easily pull one for you


2. We Skip Trace Your List

We use our secret formula to quickly add phone numbers to your whole list


3. We Return Your List

We’ll return your list with updated phone numbers within a day

Why it Works

Everyday, new investors are entering your market and sending out the identical mail piece as you. How does a seller know which investor is a novice and which one is serious? By cold calling, you can prove that you’re the real deal by taking your message directly to the seller.

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Download our template here and email your list to today. Please read the instructions on the second tab of the tab on the excel sheet for the best results. We’ll get your completed skip traced list back to you within 24 hours.

Find the Seller


Per Search
  • Long Turnaround Times
  • Manual Search
  • Not meant to locate numbers for your Entire List
  • They Pull Numbers Straight from TLO

TLO and Lexis Nexis


Per Search
  • Annual Contract
  • Not Investor-Friendly
  • Can’t Use Numbers for Marketing
  • Require Site Inspection and Commercial Office
  • Manual Search Only
  • No Background Check

    Other skip tracing companies require you to have a commercial office and undergo a rigorous security check in order to use their tools

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We can get your leads back quicker than if you were to manually skip trace the leads yourself or hire a virtual assistant

  • Experience that Matters

    We own a wholesale company in Charleston, SC and have closed several deals. We use the same datasources for our cold calling campaigns that we’ll pull your numbers from

Have Questions?

  • (843) 203-9986

We understand that you may have a lot of questions. We’re hear to answer them all before you get started. Some of our most commonly asked questions are below.

A “hit” is when we locate one or more phone numbers for an individual. We’re averaging about a 72-74% hit rate per batch. So if you provide a list of 1,000 leads to us, we can confidently say that we’ll locate numbers for at least 720 leads.
We strongly encourage you to submit a list of at least 100 leads. Anything less will not allow you to see results. We are a batch, high-volume solution. If you need less than 100 leads skip traced, then there are a ton of websites (e.g, Find the Seller) out there that will skip trace leads manually at a lower volume. If you’re looking to find heirs, relatives or family members of a lead then this is not the solution for you. This requires a manual skip trace and ultimately increases the price of a search.

We’re different from our competitors because we skip trace your whole direct mail list at an affordable price. Please consider this before submitting your list. Just like with direct mail, you won’t see any meaningful results unless you focus on volume.

Look at us as direct mail 2.0. Instead of sending a post card or yellow letter, we’re providing you with phone numbers for your list.

Email us at and title the message “Ready to Start!” If you have a list already then download our excel document here and attach it to the email. This format will allow us to return your list to you quicker and with more phone numbers. Please check out the second tab titled “Instructions” that indicates how the list should be formatted. In short, we only need the First Name, Last Name, and Owner’s Mailing Address in order to locate numbers for your sellers. It’s extremely important to provide the mailing address, not property address because this increases our hit rate.

LLCs, owners of trusts, or estate representatives cannot be included in the batch unless you have a first and last name of an individual associated with the aforementioned entities. For instance 123 Main St LLC cannot be searched. This will come up as a no-hit. You’ll need to find the registered agent of the LLC in order to locate the owner of an LLC. We can conduct these searches; however, the price is higher due to this being a manual process.

Once you return your list to us, we’ll run it through our system and provide it back to you with phone numbers and the hit rate calculated. At that point, we’ll send you a payment link.

If you need a list, then we’ll ask you for your top zip codes and then pull the list and skip trace it. List pulling and skip tracing might take up to 48 hours.

Yes, we can. All we need are the top zip codes you want to target and we’ll pull a high-equity absentee list. We charge $.20 cents per lead for list building services. We only charge for the leads that we find phone numbers for. For instance, if the list we pull is 1,000 leads, but we only locate phone numbers for 800 leads, then you’ll owe us .20 for the 800 leads (I.e., $160).

After we pull the list, we’ll still need to add phone numbers to it at .80 cents per hit. Essentially, the price per hit will be $1.00 total.

Our whole service is hit-based. So if the master list we pull has 2,000 names on it, you won’t get charged for all of those. It will only be for the 1,000 names we found phone numbers for. Please us a call or shoot us an email if you’d like for us to explain more.

Great! You ordered some accurate phone numbers from us. A lot of investors get stuck on the next step. If you don’t have any experience cold calling, then reach out to us and ask us for our script. We have a great one that works well for our team. If you want to get an immediate response, then we suggest sending out a Slybroadcast to all of the numbers on the list. You’ll get a ton of calls back and you’ll almost certainly find a motivated seller. Our clients love this method because they can instantly see a return on their investment. With direct-mail, you have to wait for at least a week to know if you mail sent and if any of the leads are motivated to sell.

Your list can include hundreds or thousands of records. We frequently batch orders of 10,000-20,000 leads. However, most of our clients fall between the 2000-4000 tier.
You can typically expect back double the phone numbers for the list you submit. For instance, if you submit a list of 1,000 leads to us and we phone numbers for 70% of your list (700 leads), you’ll get back roughly 1400 phone numbers, which equates to 2 leads per individual.

Most individuals will have anywhere from 2-5 numbers tied to them. We only provide the most updated numbers to you because dialing outdated phone numbers will eat up your day.